Contact Geo. Gradel Co.

In order for us to best assist you please use the contact information provided below. Also, note that our address and phone number appears at the bottom of each page. We look forward to working with you!

John F. Gradel, Sr.
Cell: 419-262-0304

John Gradel, Jr.
General Supt. Civil Site Work
Cell: 419-262-5300

Marc Gradel
General Supt. Marine Work
Cell: 419-261-0000

Alan Raven

Fred T. Sander, P.E.
Vice President/Project Manager
Cell: 419-265-5658

David J. Finger, P.E.
Marine Operations/Project Manager
Cell: 419-265-0574

Gregory Hoodlebrink
Project Manager
Cell: 419-262-5272

Craig Chall
Safety Director
Cell: 419-261-1127

Petra Munson
Admin. Assistant

BFI Vienna Junction

Norfold Southern RR Coal Dock

Marina District Dredging