Shoreline Protection

Producer of armor stone, riprap (ODOT A, B, C, and D) stone, various sized underlayer and bedding stone, which are all available from LaFarge Quarry located in Marblehead, Ohio on Lake Erie. Dockage available for barge loading.

In-house design for breakwaters and shore revetments. Construct and design build for all shoreline structures including sheet piling and cribs.

Bulk materials transport by tug/barge is available with barges capable of hauling 500 tons to 1600 tons per trip.
If additional info is needed, please contact David J. Finger, P.E. - Cell: 419-265-0574, Office: 419-691-7123, e-mail: or Marc Gradel - Cell: 419-261-0000.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Ottawa River Streambank Stabilization
Toledo, Ohio